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The mission is simple, yet ambitious: to make the very best products we can, using the best materials and partnering with the best Italian Artisans. The Basic Supply Collection, has been stripped back to its purest form in pursuit of creating the perfect essential sneaker. Defined by its subtle styling and clean silhouette, it offers a minimal and more refined take on the design of luxury footwear. Each pair has been hand made in Italy by trusted artisans, using the highest standard Italian leather, to ensure a superior quality and comfort driven experience. We approach each collection with the powerful and very intentional strategy of making it simple, yet significant.
Each shoe is cut, stitched, and sewn entirely by hand in one of the most well-known and traditional shoemaking areas in Italy. This has allowed us to source only the best materials and craftsmanship to design and develop our collections. In todays day and age, most of the footwear brands, source material in Italy, and then construct in countries like Portugal and other parts of Europe, due to the cheaper labour costs and shipping rates, but we have made a considered and very intentional decision to keep everything 100% in Italy. This is where the heart of footwear manufacturing is, and this is where it will always remain. Look out for the certified "MADE IN ITALY" branding.
We have embraced the ethos of less, but better to direct our production and design choices.Innovation means adapting and rethinking the way things are always done, and substituting it for something more meaningful. As a brand we are committed to reducing the CO2 emissions as far as possible, by focusing all of our production in one single area in Italy, and allowing only a select few skilled artisans to assemble our sneakers. The factories we partner with are family run, and ethical with all EU certifications and accreditations. We only produce what is requested by our customer base, without excess overproduction, making the supply of raw materials more efficient and a lot more focused. We only work with the absolute best tanneries, and raw material producers that have been globally recognised as leaders in their field. We charge a fair price that truly reflects the efficiencies of our sustainable business model, without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.
We only use high-quality leathers, rubber and fabrics that are very carefully selected by expert Italian artisans. Traditionally tanned and treated to guarantee maximum comfort, softness and durability over time, allowing a natural break to occur in the shoe, moulding and following the shape of your foot for maximum comfort. All our materials are carefully processed to make the most of their different features and unique attributes, providing a beautiful combination of clean, classic finishes with authentic, vintage execution. We have worked constantly on the shape of the last and we have adopted advanced footbeds, to deliver long lasting cushioning and arch support. What's more, a good last guarantees a beautiful and natural ageing of the leather, avoiding strong creases, keeping your shoes looking premium and fresh.


Basic Supply stays true to tradition, by stripping back design to its purest form in pursuit of creating the perfect unisex sneaker. With all our products made exclusively in Italy, Marche, one of the largest footwear manufacturing districts in Europe, we pride ourselves in bringing collections to life, that are essential, functional and beautiful.